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Told you so
Ah, Receiver. Someone wishes you to learn a lesson here. Rarely a pleasant token to receive, Told you so is often a satisfying one to give; a cheeky reminder that next time the Receiver might be well-served by listening to the Bearer, it is often rather left on desks or tied to doors with a note than presented face-to-face.

Tricky as response can be, Receivers wishing to undermine Bearers’ certainty or challenge their self-satisfaction can use Big mistake or Hold your horses, or a flippant Worth a shot. Those preferring to repudiate the Bearer than accept their sentiments have Creep or Mind your own business with which to do so, or This means war! with which to escalate hostilities if desired. A flippant Worth a shot
Tolerant or abashed Receivers, however, can accept the implicit reprimand with Fair enough, Awkward, My pleasure or Whatever; Let's pretend that never happened suggests both parties continue as normal, while I can take it turns a criticism into a tease.
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