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Take care, Receiver. Someone is in serious trouble. This Bearer has lost everything, hope most of all. Every breath is a body blow. They want to give up, seeing no way out of whatever situation is causing their pain, and wish only that you know this.

Whilst such a message is often hard to respond to, Sorry offers apologies for any personal responsibility, and Forgive me implores forgiveness. Good luck and Condolences offer sympathy and wish the Bearer luck, while C'est la vie and Keep calm & carry on counsel resignation and acceptance. For lovers anxious to reinforce their relationship amid the chaos We can get through this enable them to do so. Can I help? offers practical help, whereas those able to offer only long-distance support can do so with Thinking of you. Should the Receiver consider the Bearer unnecessarily melodramatic, My heart bleeds undercuts them beautifully, while Grow up decries their immaturity and You dent my calm and Get over it dismiss them as annoying.
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