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I forgive you
You are lucky, Receiver. Whatever crime or indiscretion you have committed, or mistake you have made, the Bearer is willing to forgive. A gracious and often loving gesture, it is usually churlish to reply with hostility.

Grateful Receivers may send Thank you, or I love you, I need you or Only you to lovers; those feeling themselves unworthy of the Bearer’s magnanimity can assert the fact with Unworthy, or use You're lovely to acknowledge the generosity of such a gesture. Those doubting the Bearer’s word can point this out with I don't trust you, and beg for an honest assessment of the situation with Tell me the truth. Should the Receiver feel innocent of any wrongdoing, a swift Thanks, but no thanks may be sent. Who, me? maintains a potentially spurious innocence, while About time roundly asserts that such an admission is long overdue. WTF? declares complete bafflement, or (potentially) denial.
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