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We need to talk
Uh-oh, Receiver. We need to talk may be a seemingly innocuous request, but with somewhat forbidding overtones. Perhaps unfortunately, such a communication has been long held to herald some drastic change in any connection - if not a parting of ways, some serious news.

Any Receiver of such a message would be entirely justified in sending a swift Is this the end?, in the hopes of receiving We can get through this or I love you in response. Sometimes, however, Anything but that, Someone else? or We want different things may be directly relevant - although No regrets adds a positive if consolatory note. Something I said? asks about possible slips by the Receiver, What's troubling you? directly enquires as to the nature of a Bearer’s concerns, and So it has come to this offers tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of the situation’s gravity. Receivers anxious to make their feelings known can send I need you, while You're imagining things suggests the Bearer is deceived somewhat, Truce asks for respite; One last chance makes it clear matters are reaching crisis point; and a simple Fear suggests an entirely reasonable note of fear.
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