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Prove it
Yeah right, Receiver. This Bearer has doubts. Prove it is a challenge indeed; from a Bearer sufficiently confident in a Receiver’s devotion to tease, but wishing nevertheless for practical demonstrations of their passion. Whether the demand is met through prearranged methods or the impulse of the moment, the outcome of such a gesture can often be revealing for both Bearer and Receiver, and should therefore be issued with care.

Should the Receiver feel the Bearer seeks traditionally romantic affirmation, sending I love you, Obsession, Only you or I'm yours may come in useful, whereas those planning a lengthy campaign in response can use And so it begins... or This means war! to warn its object. Reluctant Receivers can refuse with No, or You've gotta be kidding me, or make their negative responses clear with Grow up, while enthusiastic ones can both embrace the challenge and ask for suggestions with What do? or I'll do anything.
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