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I'm yours
A powerful and passionate declaration often all too casually scattered. This Bearer offers themselves fully to the Receiver in terms of time, attention and love; in effect, giving the Receiver priority over all others, even themselves, in all things.

Such a sentiment is not to be declared lightly, nor treated frivolously by the Receiver. Appropriate responses include You're mine, a straightforward reflection of the sentiment, or Forever yours or I love you, almost equally passionate, if less decisive, assertions of devotion; And my axe! or We can get through this offer reassurance regardless of any troubles the parties may be suffering, while And so it begins... teasingly demands the Bearer prove the truth of their message. Unworthy speaks of a Receiver perceiving themselves unworthy of the Bearer’s devotion, and Don't make promises you can't keep of one doubting its validity; About time, however, implies the Receiver had been waiting quite some time for such an assertion, and Evil laugh implies the intent to use it to mischievous effect.
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