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Worth a shot
Perhaps the outcome of this Bearer’s actions was not quite what they’d anticipated or hoped, but nevertheless, Receiver, they are glad to have made the attempt. On the other hand, perhaps they wish to urge you that a potential risk is worth it. Recognising that intent and outcome are rarely coincident, Bearers of Worth a shot consider that, on balance, lessons learned can be worth the price; Worth a shot can, in fact, be a particularly encouraging message.

Receivers who have in some sense paid for the Bearer’s actions or fear doing so can make criticism clear with You shouldn't have done that, Creep or You've gotta be kidding me, or more generously offer forgiveness with I forgive you; those wishing to distance themselves from the Bearer can do so emphatically with Don't call me, I'll call you, or dismissively with Whatever. Any feeling the exchange premature for some reason can use Don't give up to indicate the fact, while Of course or No regrets echo their sentiments and Better luck next time offers gentle encouragement.
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