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Someone's begging you, Receiver. Whether sent as a request in itself, on the assumption the Receiver will be well aware of precisely what the Bearer desires, or as a response to rejection or refusal from the Receiver, this is a powerful and often intimate appeal for (re)consideration.

Whether an appeal for clemency (perhaps in response to It would be wrong or We want different things), a statement of enthusiasm for Drink?, How you doin'?, or See you soon, or even a fervent acquiescence to Can I help?, replies can be as simple as Yes or My pleasure, as intensely inviting as This means war! or My pleasure, as equivocal as Unsure, It's complicated or Slow down, as insulting as Creep or as (supposedly) determined as Never. A sardonic I think not, devoted I promise or intriguing I'll make it up to you may also offer means of developing a delicate relationship between Bearer and Receiver.
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