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I trust you
Somebody has faith in you, Revceiver: I trust you is a powerful mark of allegiance and bonding. Whether this trust relates to business, friendship, art, or love, there are few bolder ways to say it; such a Bearer is staking all on their belief that the Receiver will honour and protect them.

Replying with Likewise renders such conviction mutual, and Forever yours promises it lifelong; I'm yours and You're mine are appropriate in cases of romantic devotion. A simple Thank you expresses the Receiver’s gratitude for the Receiver’s faith. Receivers feeling themselves unworthy can say so with Unworthy, and can suggest the Bearer’s possible foolishness with Evil laugh or Unwise. Should they feel the Bearer’s trust overly long in coming, About time and Told you so say so with varying degrees of emphasis; My work here is done expresses satisfaction at the statement, and Squee joy. Receivers unwilling or unable to reciprocate, however, can say so with I don't trust you, or tease the Bearer with Who, me?.
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